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Highlights of Episode #3: Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Oil

* Early history of CBD including possible biblical reference, discovery and research

* Stigma surrounding CBD is changing as benefits are being understood and recognized and influential people like Olivia Newton-John share experiences

* Cannabis, the difference between hemp and marijuana, and where CBD oil fits in

* Cannabinoids: the most well-known types and the differences between them

* The endocannabinoid system within the human body is how we benefit from CBD

* Facts about CBD oil and conditions that respond to its use

* Preliminary research is promising and suggests potential positive effects of CBD

* Comparison of the many different forms of CBD oil that are available for use

* Information on dosing CBD oil and considerations for drug interactions, diet, and chronic stress level

People and Resources Mentioned:

Olivia Newton-John Easterling Appearing on Dr. Oz

John Easterling

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